Going to court is unsettling - especially for youth with exceptional needs.  As parents, teachers, and court personnel, preparing these youth demands a different approach. 

See Henry in three videos and learn about his experience with the juvenile justice system. These videos and resource materials will help:

  • Prepare youth when they become involved with the legal system,
  • Engage caregivers and facilitators in best practices,
  • Protect the rights and responsibilities of all during their “day in court.”
These videos are intended to address the emotional and practical issues often faced by young people with developmental disabilities who become involved in court.  While each person’s experience will be unique, learning about their rights and how to respond appropriately will help give these young people the confidence and skills to navigate the juvenile court system.
O.P.E.N Court Resource Guide

Understanding the Juvenile Justice System

The Courtroom and How it Works

How to Be Ready for Juvenile Court